Susan was born in Edmonton, Ab. She began writing at an early age. She was corresponding with a pen pal after moving from Edmonton to Kamloops, B.C. She enjoyed sharing her daily adventures and personal secrets. The words came easily to her as she loved to express moments of her life in those letters. Susan was storytelling about the events of her day to day life. She then joined a writers group and began expressing herself through poetry, prose and now through stories. She enjoys her work and continues to seek out new avenues for her experiences. She is always building on the expressions of herself in her writings. Susan gets her ideas from people, places and things.

Susan finds that self-publishing knowledge is beneficial. It educates her on the procedures and costs of running a business.

Susan has a unique style in her writings, which reveals the heart of this writer. She now does her own editing and enjoys it immensely. She enjoys meeting the public while she is attending her book signing events in her local Chapters and Indigo Book stores.


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