You are a miracle
You render me speechless
Your body a fiery weapon
Your tongue a sharp blade

If only I had eyes to see with
Ears to hear with
Hands to feel with
Tongue to speak with


He drinks a beer,
He has no more fear.
He can’t explain
Why he feels this pain!

A woman to warm his bed,
Fill philosophy into his head.
Cook and clean his house,
Just as if a mouse.

Life experience he has none,
Yet looks to life for all his fun.
He can’t explain why he feels such pain,
One more beer and she’ll be to blame

An inner child yet a man to be,
Stumbles through an insecure maturity.
She sees his fault,
And turns to leave,
She will not be maimed
For his ill masculinity.


The leaves were green
It was ready for pickin’,
My fingers were clean
I could do some lickin’.
Potent and fresh,
Ready to dry-
A beautiful plant
Could catch anyone’s eye!
Careful handling
As to not bend or break,
I needed it perfect,
It’s drying to take!
Soon for the good time
To roll and rock
I watched carefully,
That big old clock.
Soon it was dry
And ready to crush:
I packed it firmly
In my pipe I had bought.
And soon I felt
The feeling I’d sought!
Sweet and tasty,
It truly was!
Harsh on the throat
But that didn’t matter
For I was truly in love!


I walked in a garden alone
For a long, long time
Suddenly, a breeze came up
And I saw you standing there
You stood alone
You said, "Let's walk together!"
So our hands took root and
We were never alone again


The memories were not to be
Not etched upon my mind
More suitable, more gallant yet
A wretch for me to find

Who he is I do not know
For in my heart I still lay blind
To God I look to find this crook
Who will steal my heart and mind.


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