She smokes her smoke
Then gently chokes
On fumes
Which cause
Her lungs to pause
She heaves once more
Lands on the floor
Spitters and sputters
Around the others
Till life no longer
Remembers her
Alas my child
And rest in peace
For the cigarette
Has made you cease

Time Passes

A spinster by age
An old maid, single,
Career minded gal
Feisty and sure
Wholesome and pure
Any guy would be lucky
To hear her say
Those two words, "I DO!"
If there were the courage to ask,
"Would You?"

A Torn Shammy Cloth

I looked at him
My heart skipped a beat
My hands began to tremble
I could not open lips to speak

As I let him pass through my life
He left a trail of dust
Sadly enough to say
I had a rusted can of Endust on hand
And a torn shammy cloth

Meow Three cats on a street corner Meowing up a tune Attracting passer-byers Three cats, not two! Getting along In song Not relations. Just friends Neighbourhood animals From houses nearby Not strays Just having a breath of fresh air On a street corner!

The Walk Peace be with you And walk in peace From this day forth Remember you don’t walk alone Others too need to walk Beside you Friendship bestowed upon each other Is a gift of a heavenly kind!

Illusions I’m a skinny person Inside a fat person’s body I cry a lot But show no tears A snails ever so true! Carefree attitude Not a care in the world My scars are hidden well Deep inside this hollow shell.

Troubles To sweep a bad situation under the carpet Makes for a lumpy rug, solves nothing and if You don’t watch your step, you could trip, fall, And really hurt yourself!

Riches An ode to you to not be a fool when it comes to Health because it is a true wealth!

Four Letter Words Fear is only a four-letter word that is probably Scared of itself!


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